Hurricane Matthew

This past weekend, Southeast Georgia was hit by Hurricane Matthew. You will hear from some saying that it wasn’t that bad, but unfortuantely for many.. it was bad. It caused a lot of destruction from fallen trees on powerlines and homes, flooding and so far from what I have read, three people have lost their life from it.
I can’t speak for others so I will just tell you my personal experience. IT WAS HORRIBLE. Telling myself to stay was the worst advice I have ever given myself. I prepared for my electricity to go out, but I was not prepared to feel my entire house shake. I told myself that night that I would sleep through this. It was 9:00pm, wind and rain wasn’t that bad so I decided to take some Zzquil and sleep. Ugh. That sleeping aid failed me. I woke up at 2:47am Saturday morning, the tv was going, lights are on and I made sure I couldn’t hear what was going on outside. I couldn’t get myself back to sleep . I figured I would lay there until it all was done. I mean at the time, it wasn’t that bad. BOY OH BOY WAS I WRONG.
A little after 3:00am, I looked at my Fiance and said.” At least we still have power.” Once those words came flying out of my mouth, you could hear a tree fall and the electricity went off. The wind got crazy and all hell broke loose. We heard another tree fall in the distance. I kept my fingers crossed for none of the trees in our backyard would fall on the house or anything around it. I’m sitting here trying to keep calm and at the time I am texting my sister. She sends me a text talking about the window in her home leaking. That there was the worst thing you could tell me. What do I do?! I go search the entire house looking for leaks.
As I am searching for leaks, I find a leak in my livingroom and one of my windows in my master bedroom leaking as well. This is where I start to panic. The rain is only getting harder and the wind picking up more speed. These next couple of hours will be the longest hours I ever witnessed. My Fiance starts getting cranky, its almost 4:00 and he wants to get some sleep. Here I am stuck awake listening to all the craziness. On the side of our house, we have a metal awning that hangs over our grill. I’m lying here on a mattress in the middle of my livingroom floor and as I hear the wind gain even more speed, you hear the metal awning detaching itself from the house. I have lost my shit at this point.
Here I am wondering where this thing is going to fly, my roof sounding like its going to cave in at any moment and the leak hole getting bigger. I wake JJ up freaking out and this man turns over and goes back to sleep like nothing is going on. My backdoor to my porch almost swings open, he gets up and deadbolts the door. The wind is howling loudly. All I could tell myself is to hold on and just wait for the sunrise. I turned on my ipod and tried to fall asleep to the sound of music. Luckily, I finally went to sleep.
We wake up and head outside to see the damage. Our house was SAFE. I was thanking God! But as I started to look around I noticed some people were not fortunate. We ended up getting a curfew that was eventually lifted. We could not leave the county and didn’t get power and water until Tuesday around 5:00pm.

This was only part of the damage that was done. I could only imagine what Savannah and Tybee Island looks like. So before saying it wasn’t that bad, please take into consideration that some were not lucky. I am so happy we got through it. Will I personally ever stay in town for a category 2 hurricane? NO. I will spend every dime I have and get out. I can’t handle it. I don’t even want to imagine what a category 3 or 4 would do to our town. I’m beyond happy that our home will be okay and that it’s all over and done with.

Thank you to all the men who left their families and worked hard to restore our power!! Much love to you!

Sidenote: Sorry for all the grammatical errors. It is what it is.

***Photos above are copyrighted © Brooke Webster ***

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