My Jewelry Group


I have spent the past couple of days working on my group, ordering extra jewelry and time managing everything. Of course when I start something new, I start getting more bookings for my photography. As I promise to myself, I make sure my photography will go on. It will never ever stop. Speaking of photography, above is some of the pieces that I had bought a couple months ago, I had a wonderful friend of mine model for me. Pretty happy for the way they came out.  I have never done any type of fashion shoot. I could definitely use some practice!!

I have managed to clean my office… partially speaking. It’s getting somewhere. I even done some crafts to have a jewelry display. I can not wait to show them off. I created a insagram. I am going to be completely honest. It’s not going the greatest. A lot of businesses liking businesses. Which there is nothing wrong with that, but as a business owner you want to attract potential clients. Now that business could be a buyer, you never know.

I decided I would share my group link to some of my readers. There’s not many people yet due to me not adding more until tomorrow. Feel free to join if you would like too! It would mean the world to me. The only thing I will ask is be a legit person, not a scam artist. I do go through people’s profile to make sure. I’m very excited! I sold four pieces yesterday and I haven’t even posted the pictures of the kit I have. A wonderful lady bought from my website. I will also link it if you decide just to browse and possibly buy a couple of things.

I have been so nervous over this. I had one negative nancy, but I decided to just let her say what she wanted. I refuse to let anyone put me down.  So I guess I will stop rambling! Stay tune for my jewelry display crafts.

Facebook Launch Group Sneak Peek!!

Sneak Peek.jpg


Facebook Group:

** I will be posting new jewelry every week! and if you join, please invite your friends**



**My shop is ALWAYS open. $5.95 flat rate shipping regardless of how much you buy**


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