My Paparazzi Accessories Kit


Ya’ll, it’s been a very good week. This past Sunday, I did my first jewelry launch. I was SO proud of how well I did. I didn’t think I would sell anything. Maybe three pieces, but most of my inventory is gone. Today I wanted to take the time and show you all the cool goodies that came in my box.

I received my second package of more jewelry and due to buying so much inventory, they sent me the cutest ornament ever. I must say, the packaging is to die for. I never thought it would be this nice. The quality of the boxes is sturdy. They dress everything up to a T!

This is what I call the KEEPSAKE box. It has a magnetic lid and it holds your marketing book, reciepts, thank you cards, pass along cards, etc. The three ring binder is soooooo nice. It shows you commisions, hosting parties, planning, it’s a definite keeper and I plan to use it.

My favorite !! The box that holds ALL the pretties!! The jewelry is so beautiful. I contemplated on using stock photos vs taking pictures of them myself. They  honestly look so much better in person. The pictures online do no justice. They are very unique in their own way. The thing that excites me the most is the fact that inventory is constantly changing.

As a consultant, I have learn to keep an eye on the back office around 3:00 pm and Midnight. On the dot. I notice they release a lot of new pieces in that time. I have another jewelry bash tomorrow. I do not know how it will turn out due to Christmas being next week. I will do my best. Plus, I need to make some money and buy Christmas. I’ve yet to start Christmas shopping. SHAME ON ME! lol


I hope you all enjoyed this blogpost. To the little readers I have. I am sorry for not being grammatically correct. I love writing and sharing my life, but I sometimes forget to check behind myself. I hope you all are having a blessed holiday ♥





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