Prism Photography

Yesterday I received my amlong crystal to bring some new content into my business. I seen a photographer, Sam Hurd, use a crystal to distort images and create an artistic look. I fell in love with the photos. I did tons of research from ‘how to use a prism’ to prism photography just to see what others have created. When I got home, I was SO EXCITED to see my package sitting in the mailbox. I immediately opened it, grabbed my camera and took off.


Let’s be honest here. From videos, it seems like this should be absolutely easy. NO. Or maybe for myself this technique is hard. I sat outside for over and hour trying to capture different looks. I put the crystal closer to my lens, moved it, twisted it, everything you can think of. It definitely takes a minute to get the look you are wanting. The images I provided here today are NOT PROFESSIONAL…. at all. It’s going to be a little while before I create some outstanding images.

I am happy with what I have captured so far. It has given me ideas of what all I can do. The crystal gives rainbow look to mixing your image up. I love it! Very very pleased. I plan to try it on a couple of friends and possibly a boudoir. If you are a photographer out there, I highly recommend the amlong crystal. You can’t go wrong with getting it. Keep it in your camera bag. You never know when you might need to spice up your image.



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