The Family in the Photographs

There’s something about taking a roll of film to get developed. It gives you this exciting feeling that runs from your fingertips to your toes. While the waiting part sucks, once you get your prints in your hands it’s like a ton of bricks have been lifted off of you. You run to your car and immediately open the envelope just to see how they turned out. Whether it looking good or bad, you sit there in pure enjoyment. You froze a time in life and have it holding in your hand. Having prints in your hand is a completely different feeling than scrolling through your phone to find the picture you want to show.

Film is very personal. You don’t load film in your camera and blow through the roll like you would with a digital camera. You take your time and catch those precious moments in life. Once you press the shutter button, that is it. You can’t retake it, you can’t see it, but you keep going.  In this era, everything is all digital. Being a 90s baby, my first baby picture was with a film camera. Nowadays, babies first pictures are on cell phones. I feel like with everything being digital, it takes away the personal level you have with your photographs. Everyone expects photographers to just throw them on a CD and call it a day. They turn around and put the CD in drawer then never touch them again. While we leave a trail of pics online, that’s all they will ever be.

Prints are forver. Technology will fail. It will have its times where it won’t work and you lose everything. As a photographer, that’s why I stress hard on getting prints. Even at this time, my go to camera is my film camera. I use it religiously. Anything personal to my life, my film camera goes with me.


Late 2015 to early 2016, I started collecting old photographs of people I don’t know. I started out with cabinet cards and went from there. I went every Sunday to different thrift stores, antique stores, you name it I went there ! I came across a box filled with old photographs and noticed a good bit of film negatives. I picked them up and held them towards the light. I told myself I was going to bring them back to life.

After months of having them, I finally started working on them. It’s been a long process, but it was worth it. Bringing the negatives back to life has given me a sense of happiness. Going through each photo, I feel as if I am putting together a story of a family I do not know. Along the way, I feel as if I am growing to know them. After I am done with these photos, I want to find the family in them. I want to return the missing part of their life. A memory that has possibly faded. I won’t show all of the photos, but only a few ..

Please feel free to share this blog post in hopes of finding the owners. Before handing over, I will expect proof of ownership. The person behind the camera took some beautiful pictures of their family.

These film negatives were bought in Savannah, Georgia. This family could be here or they can be anywhere. I will end this blog post here.

                            ” Photographs are made up of time, light and memories. – Keith Carter” 



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