Paparazzi Jewelry

Since starting my paparazzi journey, I have fallen even more in love with the jewelry. If you don’t know, Paparazzi jewelry is nickle and lead free!! Have that problem with jewelry turning your skin that icky green color? This is the jewelry for you.

With the little time I have been a consultant, they continue to impress me by the many jewelry designs. I’ve noticed that feathers, infinity symbols and meaningful sayings have been a big hit. I took the time to photograph some of the pieces to have so you can see what they look like to the eye instead of the prop photos we get.


Left: black | Right: rose gold

These necklaces were a big hit in my group. The first time they came out, so many people were sad due to the fact they would sell so quick. Of course, I knew they would eventually come out with more. When they did, they added new colors. I got four, two of each color. They sold within 5 minutes.


Here are two new pieces I got today. I’m loving the gold ring. The leaf earrings are so cute!!!! I do not expect these to be available for long.

Infinity and love, another new piece I received today. The second photo is one of the bracelets with a meaningful quote. Love Deeplyimg_3225





Here are our children’s jewelry. Each bracelet is a $1.00 plus tax. We get the cutest things for little girls. We have bracelets, earrings and rings. The rose bracelet has been a big hit due to Beauty and the Beast coming out in theaters. img_3201img_3200

In my studio room where I shoot boudoir, I have set up a pegboard so all of my clients can see the jewelry and pick out pieces to wear during their shoot. Before I joined, I would buy pieces from other consultants and use them in my shoots. I had so many ladies that wanted to buy some of the jewelry I had.

If you are a Lularoe lover, Paparazzi jewelry goes FABULOUS with Lularoe. It’s seriously like they were meant for each other.


When your in a paparazzi group and you see a piece you want, but it’s already sold, go onto the website under your consultant and see if the piece is there. You have a good chance to snag it off the website before they change inventory again. That’s the big plus side of Paparazzi, their inventory is constantly changing.

I hope you all are enjoying your week so far. Thank you for tuning into my rambling. If you are in my jewelry group, be prepared as I will start going LIVE late February, early March.




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