Farm Lands and Dreams

It’s been a moment since I’ve last posted on here. Sometimes life gets crazy, but I won’t let it be the excuse. I’ve been working hard on my film work. I ventured out into the country last Saturday. I can’t wait to show you what all I captured. If you are a film photographer and post a lot of blogs on your work… message me, leave a comment, SOMETHING. I would love to get to know other photographers that have a love for film like myself.

For the longest time, I always wanted to live in the middle of nowhere. Find a older home that I could remodel. I want to be able to walk out my front door, see a dirt road and a field. To be able to sit on my front porch, drink coffee and listen to the birds sing. I’m working hard to build the life I want. I went out to photograph farm lands and dreams, the dreams I hope to achieve one day. It’s amazing what all the country has to offer. It’s a beautiful place, and I can’t wait to show you.


I will start sharing blog posts with just pictures. I post a lot on tumblr and instagram. I hope you all enjoy!!


Shamelessly Brooke


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  1. alrharris says:

    I love film too. Though the camera I use most is my digital Canon EOS M3 with old Canon FD lens or Russian Helios lens. The 35mm camera I love using is the Canon A-1 … this is such a cool camera … I’m getting my 50mm F1.2 L lens next Wednesday shipped from my buddy Ryan in California to Sydney, Australia where I live. I’ve loaded some old B&W film into it and I’ll be developing that roll next weekend to post pics here … check them out next weekend. What film camera do you use and what lens and film?


    1. I will have to check them out !! I use a canon eos a2 with a 50mm 1.8 STM. For film I use cheap film, fujifilm superia 400. I love the way cheap film looks.

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      1. alrharris says:

        Hey, I checked out a review on the EOS A2 … it’s very much like the EOS 100 … that’s an awesome film camera. I’ll need to buy a new battery for mine to make it work reliably though. Post some more pics soon will you?


      2. Of course !! I sent some film off to be developed! Now its just waiting 🙂

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      3. alrharris says:

        Awesomeness! I’ll keep checking for the uploads the new photos


  2. alrharris says:

    I’ve never heard of the Canon EOS A2 … I’ll check that out … and yes, love cheap film too …


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