Shamelessly Brooke

  Shamelessly Brooke, I created a artist page for myself. I didn’t want my facebook page to be flooded with random pictures along with people bitching about seeing my photos. (we all have those facebook friends) Now everyone who is interested in my work can follow along. So if you are interested, find my page on facebook.

Today I wanted to give facts about myself, Shamelessly Brooke

  1. I started film at a very young age, but I sucked horribly at it.
  2.  I carry a cute 35mm point and shoot in my purse in case I see something interesting.
  3. I’m really big photo books and albums.
  4. I run a photography business and specialize in women’s portraiture and weddings.
  5. I also run a jewelry business.
  6. I hoard books.
  7. I collect old cameras and cabinet cards
  8. I’m all about the thrifting life.
  9. I have two pit bulls and three cats.
  10. I’m addicted to YouTube.

I hope you all enjoy that tad bit of information on myself! I’m working on doing a What’s in my camera bag? Film Edition and of course preparing more photos.  Until then..



Shamelessly Brooke


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